Canadian Intelligence Rocks the World

According to the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), two Southern Ontario Communities now rank in the top seven "Intelligent Communities" in the world.

The organization says that innovative information and communications technology is a “cornerstone of the economies” in both Stratford and Toronto, Ontario. The city of Kingston almost made the “Intelligent Communities” list, which is measured by factors including economic growth through high-quality employment, and quality of life of their citizens due to the thriving telecommunications sector.

Stratford, which encompasses Waterloo, the centre of what is popularly known as the Technology Triangle and long acknowledged as the technology hub of Canada, is not just home of Blackberry (formerly known as RIM) – it is also one of the locations where IBM is launching its Smarter Cities program.

Toronto made the list based largely on the vast Waterfront Toronto urban renewal project. According to the TechVibes newsdesk, ICF lauds the project as “a new center for knowledge industries in North America’s third-largest knowledge economy.” They say the area will be a served by a one gigabyte per second leading edge fibre optic network and will “integrate green technologies and practices into every aspect of its design and operations.” Public libraries will take a lead role in providing access and training and “a kids@computers program” will make the technology accessible to even low-income families.

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