Ontario Launches Green Careers Resource Guide for Youth

Youth In Motion - Press Release

Though many Canadian youth are unaware of this, the green sector is one of Canada’s fastest growing job markets. New opportunities are presenting themselves every day in the forms of school programs, volunteer opportunities, and career paths. As Ontario’s young people approach the daunting task of choosing a direction for their education and, eventually, their careers, it has become paramount that these opportunities be presented to them.

March 28, 2013 marked the official launch of Exploring Green: Ontario’s Green Careers Resource Guide. The guide is tailored to 16- to 29-year-olds with a passion for the environment who are interested in turning that passion into a career. Youth in Motion’s mission is to give Canadian youth the skills and support they need to achieve success in their lives, education and careers; while encouraging and facilitating their efforts to be positive change makers and contributing citizens. We’re confident that Exploring Green will make a difference for young people and our environment!

The guide was made available at 10:00 am EST, March 28th 2013.

Included in the guide is; an introduction to the green sector, the career sketches of 14 current environmental professionals, top green university and college programs, how to develop the most sought-after skills in the green sector, job interview preparation tips, green career options, and over 900 resources comprised of green organization contact information, top green employers, volunteer and training opportunities, and specialized education options.

Exploring Green: Ontario’s Green Careers Resource Guide can be found online at: www.youth-in-motion.ca.

Youth in Motion touches the lives of thousands of youth every year through our various programs; Top 20 Under 20™, Career Learning Days, and Opportunities Unlimited Program for at-risk youth. Youth in Motion is a registered national charity dedicated to helping youth realize and reach their full potential in life and work.The guide is presented by Youth in Motion™ Education Foundation and funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy.

More information on Youth in Motion can be found at www.youth-in-motion.ca.