English: The Idiom Addict

Issue 41 contains more idioms than usual, So here are a few of them, with their definitions:

"Movers and Shakers" Cover: people with power and influence.

"'breaking in' newcomers" Page 9: to train or instruct. Often used to describe the taming of wild horses on a ranch.

"a ticking time bomb" Page 14: something that becomes more dangerous or detrimental the longer it sits. It will eventually explode.

"Getting in the Swing" Page 16: leaning how things are supposed to be done.

"scraping into" Page 17: achieving something by the smallest of margins.

"finding your sweet spot" Page 17: finding the place where you are meant to be.

"glued to her TV" Page 21: watching intently.

"in your face advice" Page 23: information you cannot ignore.

"in black and white" Page 23: made very clear.

"take for granted" Page 28: To assume that something is true or will proceed as planned.

"salt of the Earth" Page 28: A biblical quote for people who are considered the best or noblest part of society.