The Organization for Engineering Technicians & Technologists

OACETT is a professional association of over 24,000 engineering technicians and technologists. Established in 1957, OACETT confers professional designations, C.E.T. (Certified Engineering Technologist) and C.Tech. (Certified Technician) in 15 disciplines of engineering and applied science technology.

Internationally trained engineering professionals who have at least 6 post-secondary, academic credits from a recognized engineering or applied science technology program are eligible to join OACETT. Becoming a member provides professional recognition, networking opportunities, access to employment resources, salary information and discounts on various products and services. Earning the C.Tech or C.E.T. designation can enhance employment opportunities as a growing number of positions require certification and create greater earning potential as certified members on average earn more than those not certified. 23% of OACETT members have an international background. Many have successfully used their OACETT membership to mobilize their career. A one time application fee of $196.20 plus the annual dues of $202.65 are payable upon submission of the application.

Many internationally educated engineering professionals have joined OACETT which has given them valuable professional recognition to help them secure that all important Canadian work experience. Generally, ITP members are able to quickly move through the certification process and earn the C.E.T. or C.Tech. designation in short order. To assist members in their job search, OACETT has networking opportunities through their chapters and exclusive access to CTEN, a career site where members may post their resume and browse the hundreds of job postings.

If your application to become a professional engineer is turned down your Engineering Degree from Nepal or Chile or any other country that wasn't a part of the Washington Accord,your academic credentials may well qualify you meet OACETT’s certification requirements to become an Engineering Technologist or Technician. Once you’ve applied for membership, OACETT will review your transcripts and provide a specific assessment.

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario requires mandatory certification of road construction contract administration consultants. OACETT offers a Road Construction certification program for technicians and technologists. The designations, representing the three required categories of workers are, “rcca” (road construction contract administrator), “rcsi” (road construction senior inspector) and “rcji” (road construction junior inspector).

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