Tips from your Employment Consultant: how to build your online reputation

Both authors work for ACCES Employment Anne Greenwood is a Marketing and Communications Coordinator and Sydney Lovell is an Employment Consultant

Your resume is an important tool for landing a job. Posting your resume online can help you highlight your talents and unique skills to a potential employer.

A successful job search involves networking on and offline. Your online presence needs to be a strong representation of your skills and background – something to speak for you when you can’t be there yourself. Just as you have gone to a company’s web page to get more information, potential employers will look online to learn more about you. Below are some tips for building your online reputation.

Get Linked In (literally). LinkedIn is an increasingly popular site to post your resume and connect with professionals. The professional networking site is now a vital part of job searching. Make it easy for employers to find what they’re looking for: include a brief (and accurate) summary of your recent experience, along with your main skills. This will give employers (and network connections) an idea of who you are without having to scroll through your entire profile. Enhance your credibility by asking peers and supervisors to recommend your work on a specific project or role. Proving your industry connections will increase your relevance in the field.

Get social. Organizations want to know that you are ready to be a part of their team. “Like” the organization on Facebook or interact with them on Twitter to show your interest in becoming a part of their world. If you’re interested in working at a specific company, follow the company profile on LinkedIn; you will receive company updates and job postings directly on your LinkedIn homepage. This may help you to bring up points of interest if you are invited for an interview.

Integrate the online in real life (and vice versa). Incorporate your online brand in your everyday meetings. Add your network handles to your resume header and business cards. From an initial in-person encounter, you can continue the relationship online. Connect with contacts on LinkedIn to build your rapport. A job may not be available immediately, but you may be considered for future opportunities because you still have that connection online.

Show you care. Consider adding the “Volunteer Experience and Causes” section to your LinkedIn profile. This will give potential employers an idea of who you are beyond your professional profile. Sometimes, work connections happen because of a shared interest in a cause or charity.

Building an online network can enhance your job search by providing additional information to potential employers. Your e-resume has the potential to be as important as the one you send directly to employers with your application. Consider this: when an employer Googles your name, what will they find?

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