Chatham-Kent for Your Small Business

Nestled in the heart of Southwestern Ontario is a place characterized by safe and relaxed neighbourhoods, beautiful natural scenery, a low cost of living, and an abundance of opportunity.

This place is called Chatham-Kent. For a long time, Chatham-Kent has been known for its stunning countrysides; outdoor recreation at its two provincial parks, and several beaches; and its cutting-edge agriculture and renewal energy businesses. However, it may soon have a new claim to fame as more and more entrepreneurs discover what Chatham-Kent has to offer for business start-ups and young businesses. Who knows? Maybe your next venture could start here.

A Real Chatham-Kent Story: The Muharrem Brothers

For brothers Dean, Metin and Sean Muharrem, Chatham-Kent was a clear choice as a place to build businesses and raise a family. Originally from London, England, all three crossed the Atlantic as adults with wives and children, to take advantage of the rich opportunities in Chatham-Kent.

The Muharrem legacy in Chatham-Kent began with Dean and his wife Margery. They immigrated in 1992, and opened the door for Dean’s family to see the area for themselves. Although it took his brothers longer to sort things out, by 2010, all three brothers and their mother had immigrated to Canada and made Chatham-Kent home. Everyone simply agreed that the opportunities here were too hard to ignore.

Since their arrival, all three Muharrem families have put deep roots into Chatham-Kent, and enhanced the area by taking advantage of the favourable business conditions here. Dean Muharrem is a Publisher and General Manager at a local newspaper company and his wife Margery is the owner of a business called Professional Party Planners. Metin Muharrem is an Account Executive for a major radio station and he and his wife Michelle run two businesses: Wine Kitz and Pure Choice Water. Finally, Sean Muharrem, the latest to immigrate in 2010, is the owner of Chatham-Kent’s newest food truck The Friendly Beast.

More Than Business: Chatham-Kent’s Softer Side

The Muharrems have found success and many valuable reasons to celebrate their brave choice in coming to Canada, and Chatham-Kent specifically. Beyond their work-related achievements, their entire family testifies to the quality of the relationships they’ve built here through friends, neighbours, business communities, and customers.

Regarding their transition to Chatham-Kent, Metin’s wife Michelle says:

“After living here for 8 years, I really feel like Chatham is home. I think I really know more people in these 8 years than I did the rest of my life in London. I have none of my family members here…and still to this day I miss them all incredibly, but the life I have and the future I can provide for my two sons far outweighs this.”

Chatham-Kent is rich with opportunity for entrepreneurs, and offers many benefits for start ups and young businesses. Even more, it is full of loyal customers and clients who want to support local business owners, and organizations that can help you set up your business and succeed. Chatham-Kent is beautiful, friendly, safe, affordable, relaxing, vibrant, active, and a place to consider for your small business.

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