So... What's Your Holiday?

The Holidays are here again... all of them. Not just Christmas, which the first European settlers brought to Canada, but Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and Dongzhi and Lohri and Pancha Ganapati and Yalda and Malanka... and on and on, in a long series of traditions that we can all claim as Canadian.

What? You mean, call them Canadian just because we're in Canada?

Well, not entirely. It's true that Canada is a gorgeous patchwork quilt of people and traditions from all over the world. It's true that our nation aspires to unity in diversity, and that although our steps sometimes falter, our diversity gives us strength. And therefore, as Canadians together, we can all share each other's traditions.

But the main reason why the Holidays - British and Jewish and African and Chinese and Hindu and Iranian and Ukranian and all the others - are Canadian? It's because Canadians of all origins love to have parties, to take our minds off our rotten weather!

So let's all celebrate, in the ways that suit us best, our unity, our diversity, and the fact that summer is coming soon. Happy Holidays, everyone!